Reality-Based Leadership Public Seminar with Alex Dorr - October 29, 2021

Reality-Based Leadership Public Seminar with Alex Dorr - October 29, 2021

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Revolutionize your leadership with a bold, new approach when you attend our 1-Day Public Seminar.

This seminar is presented by Alex Dorr, Speaker and VP, People Evolution at Reality-Based Leadership.

This day-long training takes you and your team through our foundational leadership program to start ditching the drama and turning excuses into results in your workplace. This session is the fast-track to modernize your leadership approach with the proven tools, techniques, and approaches to reduce the 2.5 hours per day per person of drama experienced in the average workplace.

What you'll learn in the seminar:

  • How to quickly identify the 5 main sources of drama at work
  • Why these sources of drama hinder your results and joy each day
  • Simple and practical tools to, in the moment, redirect energy that is lost to drama
  • Ground-breaking research on the connection of personal accountability to your workplace happiness
  • How to step into your empowerment to joyfully deliver results in spite of challenging circumstances
  • How to skillfully navigate change at work to move energy from 'why we can't' to 'how we could'
  • Proven ways to ensure your input adds the most value to organizational decisions
  • Tips to grow your resiliency to make work more effortless

Your purchase includes a free copy of Cy Wakeman's Reality-Based Leadership book, and the Ego-Bypass Toolkit. Lunch is also included.

This event will be held in Dallas, TX from 9am-4pm on Friday, October 29, 2021.